Waipoua Forest Giant Kauri Coast tour (1 day)

Setting out from Hokianga by coach, your Maori guide will brief you on the protocols for your visit to the Waipoua Forest. Stepping into our special world you will be walking under the same way that guided our ancestor Kupe from legendary Hawaiiki to New Zealand. On the paths of the forest we meet trees that were already giants before his arrival and that were standing before the birth of Christ.

You will experience the affinity that early Maori had with the forest and the deep spiritual respect they hold for the giants still growing there.  Learn of the rich bird life and other fauna that inhabits the forest and witness the transitions of life.

Your Maori guides will relate stories and legends of the forest, of its gods, and other spiritual inhabitants. They will greet the giant trees with spine-tingling waiata (sacred chants). You will learn how Maori used plants for medicinal purposes.

In the forest you will meet Te Matua Ngahere - 'The Father of the Forest'.  At between 2,500 and 3,000 years old he is the oldest known kauri tree in the world. Your guide will greet this giant as an old friend.  The highlight of the tour will be your meeting with 'The Lord of the Forest' - the giant Tane Mahuta! Your guide will formally greet the silent giant.

Trip Plan

Price: $290.00 NZD / person  *Lunch is not included

$145.00 NZD / Child under 11 years old

Tour Length: 1 full day

Minimum Number: This tour requires a minimum of 2 Adults total to offer. (Please do contact us, we can do our best. )

**This tour does not include lunch so you can get picnic lunch at local cafe or bring your own lunch.


08:00 - Leave Auckland
08:45 - Visit the Honey Centre (you can get your lunch here! Own expense)
12:00 - Arrive at Waipoua Forest and have a picnic lunch.
13:00 - Meet Kauris(Local Maori guide will take you to their own Forest Waipoua with their songs and legends)
15:00 - Leave Waipoua Forest
18:30 - Arrive Auckland

What to Bring:

For the most enjoyable experience, we recommend that you bring-

  • A camera!
  • Hiking boots
  • Lightweight jacket (in winter) or sun hat (in summer)
  • Water bottle